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Quirky Quarks: A Cartoon Guide to the Fascinating Realm of Physics

Hard Science Doesn’t Have to be Hard Do you love quantum physics, cosmology, and the humor behind the popular television show The Big Bang Theory? Have you been on the lookout for a fun, non-technical explanation of the science behind things like time travel, wormholes, antimatter, and dark energy? You’ll find …read more



The zoo isn’t what it used to be. It’s run down, and Hippo hardly ever gets any visitors. So he decides to set off for the outside with his friend Red Panda. To make it in the human world, Hippo will have to become a Hippopotamister: he’ll have to act …read more



Garbage is an architectural-scale series of panels that transform a gallery into a comic book. Each “page” of the story pops with colour off the wall, unfolding using the common tropes of comic books. Taken together the paintings tell the story of neighbours in Halifax’s North End and a mysterious …read more


Gulag Casual

Gulag Casual, the new collection by acclaimed illustrator and cartoonist Austin English, presents some of the most mature and sustained work yet from a constantly challenging and essential artist. This new suite of short stories collects material from 2010—2015, showcasing the kind of imaginative imagery which firmly establishes English as …read more


Paul Up North

Rabagliati continues his award-winning semi-autobiographical Paul series in this coming of age story. The action takes place in 1975-76 just before and during the summer Olympics in Montreal. Remember gymnast Nadia Comaneci or Canadian high-jumper Greg Joy? Paul is now 16, a teenager, and he finds new experiences, changes schools, …read more


Mirror Mirror 1

This project of re-presenting other people’s image-ideas is perhaps the strongest work I’ve seen from [Blaise Larmee] so far. — Sean T. Collins I loved this collection. Spare pieces about identity and interiority. It reads like an auditory experience. — Sam Alden Mirror Mirror features new work from Andrea Bjürstrom, …read more



Blackbird follows a band of skateboarding anarchists who are making a zine all about their lives. The problem is, in Maurel’s dystopian near future self-publishing zines has become a crime. Through media stunts, thrilling chase scenes, and some real political activism, Blackbird and its cast of characters reflects the social …read more


Why Would You Do That?

    Why Would You Do That? is a collection of absurdly funny short comics by cartoonist and illustrator Andrea Tsurumi. Tsurumi’s comics deftly combine stunningly beautiful imagery with wildly funny commentary about life as she observes it. Finding the surreal in everything from poodles and sports fans to pie …read more


Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea

Fresh from a smash-hit Kickstarter campaign in 2015, “Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea” collects all six issues of Lucy Bellwood‘s rollicking autobiographical series about her time sailing aboard tall ships in the Atlantic. From whether anyone ever really walked the plank to the secret significances of nautical …read more


Bird in a Cage

Once a sharp, strong-willed and independent woman, Roher’s grandmother’s life took an unexpected turn when an accident left her with a brain injury, leading to early onset dementia. An unlikely protagonist, grandma was an elderly woman trapped by her deteriorating mind, aging body and the walls around her. This story …read more

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