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t’s Complicated! A Collection of Comics with Everyday Feminism

What is the difference between being sexually empowered and sexually objectified? Is there any such thing as being “trans enough”? How do you respond respectfully to being called out online? In It’s Complicated! Ronnie Ritchie collects a year of comics with the feminist online magazine, Everyday Feminism. Covering topics from …read more


Shitty Horoscopes: The Anthology

A 190-page illustrated anthology of the Shitty Horoscopes zine series! Hilarious, horrifying, always absurd, and finally compiled into a single volume.



This is an experimental comic with a series of short stories from CGhirardo’s webcomic https://paintedcomic.wordpress.com/ . The stories are a combination of drama, humour, and surrealism, some are fictional and some are not. Based on a Chinese saying, “One reads a drawing”, the artist changes the art style panel by …read more


Team Society League Omnibus Vol. 2: 2012-2015

Toronto jam comics collective Team Society League collects the last 3 years of filth and slapstick in this second omnibus volume. Volume 1: 2008-2011 has also been reprinted in a matching softcover edition for TCAF.


Mirror Mirror 1

This project of re-presenting other people’s image-ideas is perhaps the strongest work I’ve seen from [Blaise Larmee] so far. — Sean T. Collins I loved this collection. Spare pieces about identity and interiority. It reads like an auditory experience. — Sam Alden Mirror Mirror features new work from Andrea Bjürstrom, …read more


Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese is an illustrated memoir that chronicles MariNaomi’s experiences working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and Tokyo while attempting to connect with a culture that had eluded her since childhood. The story begins in 1995 (where Mari’s first memoir, Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, left off), when 22-year-old Mari had just gotten out …read more


In the Sounds and Seas

Marnie Galloway’s award-winning wordless comic series In the Sounds and Seas is collected in this lush hardcover edition. In the tradition of ancient poems of myth and monsters, In the Sounds and Seas opens with an invocation to the singers of the story. Three figures sit around a fire in …read more


The Search for Charley Butters

In the follow up to the acclaimed  The Disappearance of Charley Butters we find Travis alone, and seemingly without purpose. Kicked off the documentary for which he was partially responsible, dumped by the woman he loves, and not in possession of the diaries that once fueled his obsession, he struggles …read more


Up Until Now

Collection of short web-comics that the author has drawn over the past 3 years, including “I am a Nightmare”, “Dance Dance Dance”, and “Nine Lives”.


By Crom!

By Crom! is a comic strip about Rachel Kahn’s day-to-day challenges, with one small twist: she receives advice and guidance in each panel from a steely-eyed, mighty-thewed barbarian. With an attitude taken straight from the pages of pulp literature, this barbarian helps her see through the fog of modern civilization …read more

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