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The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft

Poland, 1941. Sixteen-year-old Harry Haft is sent to Auschwitz. When he is forced to fight against other inmates for the amusement of the SS officers, Haft shows extraordinary strength and courage, and a determination to survive. As the Soviet Army advances in April 1945, he makes a daring escape from …read more



An ongoing adventure-shoujo series. In this issue: a kidnapping, a mysterious stranger, several spells, an ultimatum.


Third Time’s the Charm: A Nestlings Collection

The comic strip Nestlings ran in The Globe and Mail from 1979 to 1993, with one break in the 1980s. The strip centred on Robin, Theodore and Fletcher, three birds in a nest, although the worms who evaded and tricked the birds, and sang occasional songs, might argue that the …read more



Eric Kostiuk Williams’ queer memoir project comes to a messy, momentous climax in the final instalment of Hungry Bottom Comics. In this issue:  Dancin’ and romancin’ across the pond in Germany! Inside Toronto’s burgeoning west-end drag scene! Exploring queer digital realities! And so much more…


The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack

OH GEEZ! There is no one as unlucky in all of North Dakota as Bobo Backslack. All he wants to do is work hard at his job, get a girlfriend and make his mom proud, but it seems that all forces from the natural to the supernatural are poised against …read more


A Cabbage in a Nutshell #1

A Cabbage in a Nutshell #1 is the first installment of an anthrotheological mystery set in a bygone future as told from the vantage point of an occulttastically informed super-future. Earthquake dreams of snowflake, as a restauranteur sharpens pencils in anticipation of a distant shoreline…and then…a forest burial passes by unmentioned …read more


The Forgotten Man

An illustrated edition of Amity Shlaes’s #1 New York Times bestseller, featuring vivid black-and-white illustrations that capture this dark period in American history and the men and women, from all walks of life, whose character and ideas helped them persevere. This imaginative illustrated edition brings to life one of the most devastating …read more


Spain & Morocco

Since 2009, Spain & Morocco was serialized weekly, to much acclaim and a steadily growing readership. The story follows Walt and Dan, two roommates, who leave behind their uneventful lives for a backpacking trip through Spain and Morocco. While hoping to marvel at beautiful sights, eat delicious food, and maybe hook up with …read more


Bessatsu Rose Tear

A collaboration between saicoink and nozmo. This is an issue of the one and only Bessatsu Rose Tear shoujo manga magazine. Get ready for flowers and heartbreak! Comes with a free bookmark.


NonCanon New Adventures #1: Let’s Talk About Our Fears Via Comics

Cartoonist Tom McHenry spends his lunch hours in his cubicle, drawing comic strips about pigeons in his neighborhood. These pigeons debate topics like the need for approval and the importance of anxiety while scavenging forcrumbs. Philosophical, bleak, and hilarious, these strips are the most thoughtful and popular McHenry has ever drawn. NonCanon #1 …read more

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