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TRIP magazine celebrated its ten years of existence at TCAF with its biggest issue ever while going bilingual! That’s right, the only art journal on comics in Canada has now an English section with essays, interviews and comics. TRIP has always strived to preserve the memory and accomplishments of Canadian …read more


Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese is an illustrated memoir that chronicles MariNaomi’s experiences working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and Tokyo while attempting to connect with a culture that had eluded her since childhood. The story begins in 1995 (where Mari’s first memoir, Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, left off), when 22-year-old Mari had just gotten out …read more


Team Society League Omnibus Vol. 2: 2012-2015

Toronto jam comics collective Team Society League collects the last 3 years of filth and slapstick in this second omnibus volume. Volume 1: 2008-2011 has also been reprinted in a matching softcover edition for TCAF.


Toronto Comics: Volume 3

Toronto, city of swords and sorcery. Toronto, the post-apocalyptic wasteland. From condo supervillains to the zombies of Yorkville, from flirty skyscrapers to vampire pigs, this book is a love letter to the city of Toronto. Our home is overflowing with gifted creators, and we want to share the breadth of …read more


20×20: Twenty Years of Conundrum Press

  Conundrum Press was created in 1996 in post-referendum Montreal by Andy Brown, to give voice to the under-represented working in the underground anglo cultural milieu. To celebrate twenty years in operation he asked one author or artist for each year of the press who had a book out that …read more


5000 km per second

“Demanding, sophisticated, intimate.” – Le Monde 5,000 km per second tells the almost -love story between Piero and Lucia. Beginning with their first casual glance exchanged as teens, the years take narrative twists as only life can until one final, poignant meeting. In addition to his vivid characters, Fior’s stunning …read more


Small Town Witch

  The year is 1928, the prohibition on magic and spells has backfired, and New York City is bubbling over. Vincent Byrde, a grizzled P.I. laboring under a nasty curse, has built his career chasing witches and magicians wherever they may hide. One job, however, eludes him: the frustrating case …read more



Garbage is an architectural-scale series of panels that transform a gallery into a comic book. Each “page” of the story pops with colour off the wall, unfolding using the common tropes of comic books. Taken together the paintings tell the story of neighbours in Halifax’s North End and a mysterious …read more



The boundless adventures of an unruly boy, his rational robot and their great gadgets filled with fantastic science stuff! Plus Man is a roguish knave without equal, an antihero in his own mind. His coolheaded robot, however, knows better. This odd couple has just been given a break: a tip …read more


Blood from a Stone

Blood From A Stone is a fairytale about a gargoyle who learns what it means to be alive, and a girl who learns to be true to herself.

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