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Brok Windsor

A Canadian comic book lost since 1946, this is the first reprint of the wild sci-fi adventures of Brok Windsor: doctor, adventurer, and giant. Dr. Brok Windsor was on an ordinary fishing trip in Lake of the Woods when he finds a lost island hidden behind magical mists. Crashing his …read more



Agalma is an ancient Greek term for a pleasing gift intended to woo the gods, to dazzle them with its wondrous features and so gain favour for its bearer. Agalma, therefore, was endowed with magical powers beyond its apparent superficial value. Agalma is the treasure which we seek, the unconscious …read more


Shirtlifter #5

The fifth issue of Steve MacIsaac’s Shirtlifter,  the first in four years, concludes the “Unpacking” serial that started in Shirtlifter #3. “Unpacking” follows Matt, a gay graphic designer living in Vancouver. Alone after the sudden dissolution of an eight-year relationship, Matt is living in a new apartment he can’t seem to quite move into, and is wary of …read more


Ghetto Brother

An engrossing and counter view of one of the most dangerous elements of American urban history, this graphic novel tells the true story of Benjy Melendez, son of Puerto-Rican immigrants, who founded, at the end of the 1960s, the notorious Ghetto Brothers gang. From the seemingly bombed-out ravages of his …read more


Frosh Week

sucker press will be debuting FROSH WEEK at TCAF 2015. The 56 page, black and white, body horror themed comic anthology is the product of five new works from contributing emerging canadian cartoonists and illustrators, three of whom will be commuting from Montréal to share the table for the weekend. …read more


In the Garden of Evil

This signed & numbered, hand-bound limited edition art book features collaborative drawings inspired by the Garden of Eden story. Includes a 7” flexi-disc with an exclusive song by Will Oldham. Burns (U.S.) and Killoffer (France) are featured guests at TCAF 2015. Both artists will be at the Pigeon Press table …read more



A 60 page collection of meticulously placed pixels, Lydian follows a team of angular humanoids on their crusade against a bunch of evil, sentient buildings.


Broken Birds

Nanaki Kazuaki and Sakazaki Yuuya are in the beginnings of a strange and unconventional relationship; they’re two birds who will always care about someone else more than each other. Could two people possibly be better off in a situation like this? Broken Birds is about healing in atypical romantic entanglements. …read more


Satellites Vol 1 – A Comic Anthology

SATELLITES is the first volume of a comic anthology series. As a group of 9 friends, artist, and storytellers, these artists have illustrated our own original stories in comic form, to be printed in the first edition of this series. These comics will come together in a beautiful 200+ page hardcover book. …read more


The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy 
Vol 1: Drippy’s Mama

In this first volume of a trilogy based on the writings of Stephen Crane, Vancouver artist and animator Julian Lawrence brings his iconic Drippy the Newsboy to life! Here the naive Drippy gets pulled into the world of the Forbidden Zone by Harry and his alchoholic pals. His papers do …read more

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