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Delicate watercolours depict esoteric surgeries.  Human bodies are subjected to unseen forces.



If someone else out there is working this fearlessly with the silliness of sex, I’m almost afraid to find out. — The Comics Journal Burkholder uses line in fresh and startling ways to cast new light on humanity’s most enduring obsession. — Anya Davidson Qviet focuses on the abstractions of sex, of …read more



Confetti, like its namesake, is a fun and explosive mix of color from the fertile mind of multidisciplinary artist Ginette Lapalme. In comics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and jewelry, Lapalme uses cartoons and junk culture as raw material to make “cute” subversive and “pretty” punk. Ginette Lapalme is a Toronto-based illustrator …read more


Wuvable Oaf

Like Sex and the City but with adorable, ex-wrestler hairy gay men (or bears), Wuvable Oaf is Luce’s debut graphic novel. This book fills a romance comics hole by portraying a likeable gay male character that is both fully realized and relatable. Mostly playful, but sometimes serious, Wuvable Oaf captures …read more


Me Nut Nut Nut #3

The continuation of the excellent MNNN series, #3 can be read as a continuation of the previous two or as a standalone story.  Beautiful four colour riso cover with one colour riso interiors.


Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 2

We all share Toronto, but no two of us see it alike. Inside these covers you’ll find nineteen fresh angles on the city we love, from thirty-three talented creators. From condo vampires to caped heroes, from thrift-store lifers to the pilots of mighty Toronto-Tron, everyone’s got a different perspective. Whether …read more


For As Long As It Rains

A man and a woman, find themselves in an isolated cabin in a foreign country, unable to go outside because of the pouring rain. For the two of them, it’s as if time itself had been suspended, as if nothing exists, save for the words of love they whisper to …read more


Ambient Comics II

Arriving now. Dwelling in the moment and understanding everything. Seeing the big picture in everyday life. Ambient Comics by Nadine Redlich is the way. From low tide to high tide, from emptiness to abundance. Breath in. Breath out. Treat yourself to Ambient Comics by Nadine Redlich. Relax into the world. Be like …read more


Broken Birds

Nanaki Kazuaki and Sakazaki Yuuya are in the beginnings of a strange and unconventional relationship; they’re two birds who will always care about someone else more than each other. Could two people possibly be better off in a situation like this? Broken Birds is about healing in atypical romantic entanglements. …read more


Shirtlifter #5

The fifth issue of Steve MacIsaac’s Shirtlifter,  the first in four years, concludes the “Unpacking” serial that started in Shirtlifter #3. “Unpacking” follows Matt, a gay graphic designer living in Vancouver. Alone after the sudden dissolution of an eight-year relationship, Matt is living in a new apartment he can’t seem to quite move into, and is wary of …read more

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