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Descender Volume 2

Young robot boy TIM-21 and his companions struggle to stay alive in a universe where all androids have been outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on every planet. DESCENDER is a rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey, pitting humanity against machine and world against world to create a sprawling epic. Collects DESCENDER …read more


Entropy 11

Entropy 11 is the mysterious conclusion to an epic existential adventure story.  Begun in 2006, Entropy has followed the quest of an amnesiac golem through an abandoned wilderness, as he looks for the secrets of his creation.  Ten years later he has found his answers, unsatisfactory as they may be, …read more


For It To Grow

An assistant and her apothecary live on the outskirts of town by a forest. In her search for a mushroom thief, the assistant finds something else instead.


Cloak & Dagger: A Fantasy Adventure

Wren is a young novice adventurer, ready to make a name for herself in the history books of fantasy legend! The only problem is… she has no idea where to even get started! Cloak & Daggertells the tale of Wren’s first misadventure as she journeys deep into a mystical forest …read more


5000 km per second

“Demanding, sophisticated, intimate.” – Le Monde 5,000 km per second tells the almost -love story between Piero and Lucia. Beginning with their first casual glance exchanged as teens, the years take narrative twists as only life can until one final, poignant meeting. In addition to his vivid characters, Fior’s stunning …read more


Ball Means Vol 1

Ball Means Volume 1 is the 2016 full color main course to its predecessor, 2015’s Ball Means Appetizer zine. This book comprises various stories detailing, you guessed it, the trials and tribulations of the common creature. Dire circumstances and inevitable destruction has never been narrated with such detached buoyancy. That’s …read more


In the Sounds and Seas

Marnie Galloway’s award-winning wordless comic series In the Sounds and Seas is collected in this lush hardcover edition. In the tradition of ancient poems of myth and monsters, In the Sounds and Seas opens with an invocation to the singers of the story. Three figures sit around a fire in …read more


A City Inside

Shifting between the mundane and the surreal, A City Inside recounts one woman’s life story, from childhood to adulthood. An exploration of the process of growing older; the journey towards finding out who you are and building a world that you can live in. A City Inside was recently featured in …read more



Sarah Ferrick is doing some of the most intimate and innovative comics out there — Shawn Starr, critic When sometimes I feel dead inside, Sarah’s comics wake me up. — Erik Nebel, cartoonist Sarah Ferrick is one of my favorite cartoonists — G.W. Duncanson, cartoonist Sarah Ferrick’s lyrical lines leave …read more


Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam and Other Stories

Megg the witch, Mogg the cat, their friend Owl, and Werewolf Jones struggle unsuccessfully with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other. It’s a laff riot! Fresh off their star turn in the New York Times best seller Megahex, Megg and …read more

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