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Intimate, compelling, and uncompromising. — Mira Gonzalez A languid dream of sensuality and sex. — Aidan Koch 3 Books is an eclectic and meticulously crafted reproduction of rare and unpublished books: Nudes, a collection of drawings originally released in small editions over several volumes, Amateurs, a photo book produced for the Japanese …read more


Optic Nerve 14

Optic Nerve 14 brings Adrian Tomine’s multifaceted, expressive cartooning to a new peak with two stories and a short autobiographical strip. “Killing and Dying” is about a father’s struggles to be supportive: it centers on parenthood, mortality, and stand-up comedy. “Intruders” depicts a man obsessively trying to find his way …read more


Wuvable Oaf

Like Sex and the City but with adorable, ex-wrestler hairy gay men (or bears), Wuvable Oaf is Luce’s debut graphic novel. This book fills a romance comics hole by portraying a likeable gay male character that is both fully realized and relatable. Mostly playful, but sometimes serious, Wuvable Oaf captures …read more


Augie & The Green Knight

Augie and the Green Knight is an adventure story about a scientifically precocious young girl in a world of fantasy. Augie and the Green Knight is a retelling of a famous medieval romance. The original story is about King Arthur’s court encountering a strange giant Green Knight and the quest …read more


Me Nut Nut Nut #3

The continuation of the excellent MNNN series, #3 can be read as a continuation of the previous two or as a standalone story.  Beautiful four colour riso cover with one colour riso interiors.


Drawing Thinking of You Dancing

Jason Kieffer has created a comic book adaptation of choreography by dance artist Mairi Greig. An entire 12 minute dance has been distilled into 48, juicy comic book pages.


Worst Behaviour

A band new book from Simon Hanselmann, the cartoonist behind The New York Times best-selling graphic novel, Megahex! Worst Behaviour is an all-new, book-length story featuring Megg, Mogg, and Owl in their longest comics adventure yet! Hanselmann (Australia) is a featured guest at TCAF 2015 and will be at the Pigeon …read more


Satellites Vol 1 – A Comic Anthology

SATELLITES is the first volume of a comic anthology series. As a group of 9 friends, artist, and storytellers, these artists have illustrated our own original stories in comic form, to be printed in the first edition of this series. These comics will come together in a beautiful 200+ page hardcover book. …read more


Frosh Week

sucker press will be debuting FROSH WEEK at TCAF 2015. The 56 page, black and white, body horror themed comic anthology is the product of five new works from contributing emerging canadian cartoonists and illustrators, three of whom will be commuting from Montréal to share the table for the weekend. …read more


Between Friends: Death of a Saleswoman

“Have waiters started calling you “ma’am”? Then it’s time for Between Friends. Sandra doesn’t just capture the injustices of middle-age, she flips them over and celebrates them!”- Hilary Price, creator of Rhymes with Orange Between Friends zeroes in on the delicious little nitty-gritty details of the lives of three fifty-something …read more

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