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Sam’s first long-form work, painted in lush and colorful ink washes, is a wordless tale of a young woman trying to survive an ancient evil in an unknown land. “Haunter surprised me. It’s impossible to start the thing and not keep reading. It really flows.”  – Jeff Smith (Bone)


Shogum of the Dead Book One: Twilight of the Samurai

In order to win the clan wars and seize power over the entire island, Hideki Tachikawa has sold the very souls of his allies and relatives in exchange for the immortality of his warriors. Shima Kuretake is a young samurai who rises from the dead and escapes the battlefield in …read more



Twin teen science ninjas patrol opposing zones, light and dark, of an infinitely cyclical labyrinth. Are they nemeses? Soulmates? Polarized manifestations of a single id cloven in twain? Each has strewn clues to a coded message across the other’s path, amid an omnium-gatherum of grotesqueries and curiosities. A perpetual notion …read more


La Macchina Bellica: Volume 2

Kana Inari had a bad feeling about her job transfer to Feuerland’s Northern Penitentiary. Warden Himmet expects Kana to spearhead the CSF’s questionable experiments after her predecessor’s untimely death at the hands of her new ward, the imprisoned Calanthian General. Her first day on the job proves her fears well-founded …read more



Eric Kostiuk Williams’ queer memoir project comes to a messy, momentous climax in the final instalment of Hungry Bottom Comics. In this issue:  Dancin’ and romancin’ across the pond in Germany! Inside Toronto’s burgeoning west-end drag scene! Exploring queer digital realities! And so much more…


Facility Integrity

With his new comic Facility Integrity, Nick Maandag offers an insightful and humorous look at the inner workings of the modern corporate workplace. Through the interactions of an ensemble of characters from all levels of the hierarchy that make up the corporate structure, the absurdity of the single-minded and relentless drive …read more



Murder in BC leads to an inuksuk in Ontario. Charlie’s childhood friend is about to die. Hitchhiking in BC PJ’s luck runs out. Lionel is in crisis, time for love? Leslie is a therapist and part time drug dealer. It’s just occurring to her that she hates her job. Dan’s …read more


Safari Honeymoon

Join a pair of young newlyweds as they descend deep into a mysterious forest, encountering unknown creatures and unimaginable landscapes. Amongst the unusual flora and fauna, they discover within themselves something more strange and terrible than any sight their safari has to offer. Safari Honeymoon is a tale of jungle …read more


The Legend of Bold Riley #1

The first instalment of a new, five-issue monthly Bold Riley series! Bold Riley—who has set out to find adventure in the lands beyond her home of Prakkalore—comes across a fragment of bone that shares a tale of lost love. Riley tries to reunite the lost spirit with its beloved, but soon …read more


The Cigar that Fell in Love with a Pipe

On the eve of the release of his latest movie,The Lady From Shanghai, Orson Welles receives a gift: An admirer has sent him a box of cigars. Rich and full bodied, they are the finest he’s ever tasted. But then, these are no ordinary cigars: They’ve been assembled by the …read more

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