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Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese is an illustrated memoir that chronicles MariNaomi’s experiences working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and Tokyo while attempting to connect with a culture that had eluded her since childhood. The story begins in 1995 (where Mari’s first memoir, Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, left off), when 22-year-old Mari had just gotten out …read more



Garbage is an architectural-scale series of panels that transform a gallery into a comic book. Each “page” of the story pops with colour off the wall, unfolding using the common tropes of comic books. Taken together the paintings tell the story of neighbours in Halifax’s North End and a mysterious …read more


Cloak & Dagger: A Fantasy Adventure

Wren is a young novice adventurer, ready to make a name for herself in the history books of fantasy legend! The only problem is… she has no idea where to even get started! Cloak & Daggertells the tale of Wren’s first misadventure as she journeys deep into a mystical forest …read more



Enter the world of Om; a place of mystery, terror . . . and yellow nipples. Mantra collects seven stories – three of which are printed here for the first time – following the (mis)adventures of the eponymous character ‘Om’. A perfect introduction to a world unlike any other. “LUSH, …read more


Talk Dirty To Me

Growing up it felt like she was meant to be ashamed of her sexuality – of masturbation, of looking at porn, or hooking up. Girls aren’t supposed to want those things, right? After moving to a new city, Emma Barns decides to take a shot at being an operator for a …read more


Toronto Comics: Volume 3

Toronto, city of swords and sorcery. Toronto, the post-apocalyptic wasteland. From condo supervillains to the zombies of Yorkville, from flirty skyscrapers to vampire pigs, this book is a love letter to the city of Toronto. Our home is overflowing with gifted creators, and we want to share the breadth of …read more


Last Night at Wyrmwood High

Wyrmwood Secondary School has had the same grad prank for the past fifty years. This year Amber (a werewolf), Tiffany (a vampire), and Steph (a reptile) have set out to change things. But an ancient grudge and a powerful curse stand in the way of their plan to make this …read more


Pig Goat Banana Cricket Volume 1: Orgle Borgle Selfie Simple-Dee-Doo!

Lunatic Magazine is having a special contest – the top prize is a lifetime pass to the Arcave! All anyone has to do to win is take a photo of the legendary Orgle Borgle-a monster that has never been photographed before. This is a contest Banana must win at any …read more



During the Viking Age, various types of trolls lived alongside humans – and one troll tracker knows all about them (maybe). This comic-guidebook-of-sorts provides a look into the world of trolls, from the powerful ‘jötnar’, to the stubborn ‘gildigífr’, to the foul, foul ‘brunnmigi’. Just remember to read all the …read more


Beauty and The Beast: Act Two

The second volume of Megan Kearney’s sprawling fairy tale adaptation finds Beauty and her beastly companion coming to terms with the unbalanced nature of their contract and their slowly blossoming fondness for one another. As Beauty tries to reconcile her longing for home with her sympathy for The Beast, he …read more

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