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Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese is an illustrated memoir that chronicles MariNaomi’s experiences working in illegal hostess bars in San Jose and Tokyo while attempting to connect with a culture that had eluded her since childhood. The story begins in 1995 (where Mari’s first memoir, Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, left off), when 22-year-old Mari had just gotten out …read more



TRIP magazine celebrated its ten years of existence at TCAF with its biggest issue ever while going bilingual! That’s right, the only art journal on comics in Canada has now an English section with essays, interviews and comics. TRIP has always strived to preserve the memory and accomplishments of Canadian …read more


Gulag Casual

Gulag Casual, the new collection by acclaimed illustrator and cartoonist Austin English, presents some of the most mature and sustained work yet from a constantly challenging and essential artist. This new suite of short stories collects material from 2010—2015, showcasing the kind of imaginative imagery which firmly establishes English as …read more


Don’t Come In Here

A nameless protagonist takes up residence in a Kafkaesque apartment where the rules of space and time do not apply. Looking for an inexpensive live/work space, an anonymous character settles on a supernatural apartment that has a seemingly unlimited number of identical rooms and manifests distracting illusions and other psychological …read more



This is an experimental comic with a series of short stories from CGhirardo’s webcomic https://paintedcomic.wordpress.com/ . The stories are a combination of drama, humour, and surrealism, some are fictional and some are not. Based on a Chinese saying, “One reads a drawing”, the artist changes the art style panel by …read more


Ball Means Vol 1

Ball Means Volume 1 is the 2016 full color main course to its predecessor, 2015’s Ball Means Appetizer zine. This book comprises various stories detailing, you guessed it, the trials and tribulations of the common creature. Dire circumstances and inevitable destruction has never been narrated with such detached buoyancy. That’s …read more


Cats of Felicia, Part 3

“There sure are a lot of cats here…” The third part of the story. Isolated in the hills, there doesn’t seem to be much else in the town of Felicia. Shipped off to her grandparents place for the summer, what else is there for Chloe to do but explore the …read more


Last Night at Wyrmwood High

Wyrmwood Secondary School has had the same grad prank for the past fifty years. This year Amber (a werewolf), Tiffany (a vampire), and Steph (a reptile) have set out to change things. But an ancient grudge and a powerful curse stand in the way of their plan to make this …read more


Alle Ego

Alle Ego means ‘alter ego’ or ‘close friend’ in Ancient Greek.  This book is about a friendship that grew during a summer program in Greece in the 1990s.  As the friends adventure across the landscape, one must to make a decision about a boyfriend at home and a boy on …read more


A City Inside

Shifting between the mundane and the surreal, A City Inside recounts one woman’s life story, from childhood to adulthood. An exploration of the process of growing older; the journey towards finding out who you are and building a world that you can live in. A City Inside was recently featured in …read more

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