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We Are Going To Bremen To Be Musicians

Accordionist and novelist Geoff Berner together with folk-surrealists Tin Can Forest, re-tell this dark, strange German folk tale about four animals running away from their masters to become town musicians in the city of Bremen.



“Dessins” is the French word for “Drawings”. As the title implies, Dessins doesn’t really follow a dramatic arc: it alludes to many, yet never lingers on any. Pascal Girard has an uncanny talent to convey the narrative aspect of any given situation in a single illustration. This book collects some …read more



Confetti, like its namesake, is a fun and explosive mix of color from the fertile mind of multidisciplinary artist Ginette Lapalme. In comics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and jewelry, Lapalme uses cartoons and junk culture as raw material to make “cute” subversive and “pretty” punk. Ginette Lapalme is a Toronto-based illustrator …read more


The Lunch Witch

For generations and generations, the women of Grunhilda’s family have stirred up trouble in a big, black pot. Grunhilda inherits her famous ancestors’ recipes and cauldron, but no one believes in magic anymore. Despite the fact that Grunhilda’s only useful skill is cooking up potfuls of foul brew, she finds a job listing that might …read more



Who will win the All-Star Schnauzer Band song contest? Enter the strange and wordplay-loving world of the cartoonist and fine artist Marc Bell (Pure Pajamas, Hot Potatoe), where the All-Star Schnauzer Band runs things and tiny beings hold signs saying “It’s under control.” Our hapless hero, Stroppy, is minding his …read more


Salz & Pfeffer

A rollicking adventure in surrealism. — The Comics Beat Émilie Gleason’s comics have a visceral punk aesthetic on top of an absurd sense of humor. You can’t beat that combination. — Noah Van Sciver Salz & Pfeffer immerses us in Émilie Gleason’s taboo-soaked world of the inane and the intellectual, …read more


The Pitiful Human-Lizard #4

Toronto’s pretty decent superhero the Human-Lizard teams up with his pal Majestic Rat against Toronto’s meanest basketball hooligans the TERRORNO GRRLS! Also, another thrilling adventure featuring the mysterious Barb.


Gurihiru Sketchbook

On top of designing an AMAZING poster for TCAF 2015, Featured Guests Gurihiru are also debuting a brand new sketchbook! While you may know them from their work on Avatar: The Last Airbender and for Marvel Comics, this sketchbook showcases images from the other side of their beautiful and varied career. The …read more


How to Make a Magic Wand

A mash-up of magical girl goodness and occult rituals inside a self defense zine.


Mile End

With a deft blend of humor and fantasy, Michel Hellman presents us with a wide array of anecdotes inspired by day-to-day life in the Mile End, a Montréal neighborhood known for its vibrant culture and history. Spanning a decade, Mile End tells of the neighborhood’s evolution throughout the decade, drawing …read more

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