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Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience

Hardboiled romance has gone galactic in Emmy Award-winning artist Dean Haspiel’s FEAR, MY DEAR: A Billy Dogma Experience. Super powered paramours, Billy Dogma and Jane Legit’s pathological War of Woo unearths the chaos of a cosmic deity and Billy uncovers the psychedelic horror of an eighth “deadly sin” when he …read more


Insufficient Direction

Read this energizing comic and feel proud (or simply unashamed!) of your geeky hobbies. Although manga artist Rompers (Happy Mania, Sugar Sugar Rune) doesn’t consider herself too far gone, she’s gotten married to a towering figure of the otaku persuasion, Director-kun (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cutey Honey). Includes copious annotations on Japanese pop …read more



Based on the novel by Franz Kafka Translated by Helge Dascher In his adaptation of Amerika, which took seven years to achieve, Godbout has tried to remain as faithful as possible to Kafka’s novel, while using the clear line aesthetic he perfected in his series Red Ketchup. Unlike the common cliché …read more


Drinking Buddies

Roomates Udell and Chief go out to see their childhood friend, Pepin, when he returns from his recent travels. They start to find themselves in a thick web of conning, lust, and a bad allergy flare up. Drinking Buddies is the first story of the new web-comic Blimpakind. This and other …read more


Forming II

Civilization, but not quite as we know it, has started to take shape. And now, in the continuing chaos, the world and most of its inhabitants have brandished their swords and, in various fashions, charged onto the battlefield. If Forming I hailed the birth of a civilization and mapped out the genesis …read more


The Vanishing Coin // The Incredible Twisting Arm

The Vanishing Coin: Want to see something cool? I can make that quarter vanish. All it takes is a little magic… Fourth grade was supposed to be a fresh start, but Mike’s already back in the principal’s office. He’s not a bad kid. He just can’t sit still. And now, his …read more



That’s right, the next issue of our comics anthology/comics crit mag has an extensive 3D section! Not only that, but the rest of the book is printed in full color! Not only that, but this issue is 80 pages instead of 64! Whaaat!  Comics and art from Jim Rugg, Sophie …read more


Powdered Milk Vol 12

Powdered Milk vol. 12 is a collection of autobiographical stories from my life several years ago, before I became a parent. There is a general theme of vocabulary and a bee murder.


The Long Kingdom #3

Prince Basari looks on in horror as his mother unleashes 35 years of fury on to Uder, his wife’s uncle. For Princess Ana, it is the first time she sees her grandmother not as Queen Mother, but as a highly skilled soldier who once was the captain of the elite Queen’s Guard.



In Los Angeles, Ray is sitting in gridlock when he receives a call from an LAPD officer with news about his wife. Fearing the worst, he listens intently—but suddenly the caller and everyone else around him disappears. In London, the moment two commuters catch sight of each other on a …read more

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