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Drinking Buddies

Roomates Udell and Chief go out to see their childhood friend, Pepin, when he returns from his recent travels. They start to find themselves in a thick web of conning, lust, and a bad allergy flare up. Drinking Buddies is the first story of the new web-comic Blimpakind. This and other …read more


Third Time’s the Charm: A Nestlings Collection

The comic strip Nestlings ran in The Globe and Mail from 1979 to 1993, with one break in the 1980s. The strip centred on Robin, Theodore and Fletcher, three birds in a nest, although the worms who evaded and tricked the birds, and sang occasional songs, might argue that the …read more


š! #17: “Sweet Romance”

Love is an unlimited source of stories. This will be proven in the 17th issue of the Baltic comics anthology š! themed ‘Sweet Romance’. Twenty-one artists, such as Ginette Lapalme, Betty Liang, Ayumu Arisaka, Berliac and Dace Sietina contributed comics which might crush your heart. Cover by Patrick Kyle


DUMB #4 & DUMB #5

Dumb #4 breaks into new territory, utilizing collage as an homage to influential artist Julie Doucet, to whom the issue is dedicated. Georgia decides to wear lipstick to signal to others that she isn’t using her voice, but finds the concept of being a silent, dolled up, feminine figure to …read more


I Used to be a German Shepherd

“Starts with a spoiler: HE IS BACK. The most valiant German Shepherd of the comic book world returns. The tale of a sequel or a sequel with a tail? Murilo Martins inks yet another independent comic book, yet another tragicomic evolutionary struggle. Dogs and wolves. And sheeps, of course. A dog …read more


Magical Beatdown Vol 1.5

Magical Beatdown Vol 1.5 is a mini comic debuting at TCAF which continues to follow the story of a excessively violent, foul-mouthed and easily enraged magical girl.


School of World Volume 3

This book collects strips 331-502 of the sometimes daily strip webcomic School of World.  In School of World Volume 3: Class is in Session, we return again to the adventures of a curious little boy who asks his father many, many questions.  This volume also contains episode descriptions from the …read more



Essays, comics and illustrations featuring more than 50 artists and writers from Canada, the United States and Europe. With Al+Flag, Max Batiinger, Jimmy Beaulieu, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, Rupert Bottenberg, Matthew Brown, Antonin Buisson, Nick Butch, Cathon, Mattias Elftorp,Theo Ellsworth, FREDC, Marnie Galloway, Chloé Germain-Thérien, Vincent Giard, Réal Godbout, Sophie Goldstein, Michel …read more


Never More Together

In this wordless poem, the invasion of a malevolent corporate regime causes a peaceful society to become embroiled in disquiet and savage upheaval. A tale of subjugation, protest, and transformation, Never More Together tells the story of what can become of a society that fears the truth. When the inhabitants …read more


A Body Beneath

A Body Beneath collects issues 2-5 of Michael DeForge’s multi-award winning, anthology Lose. DeForge’s singular vision reveals the menace in the mundane, the humour in the horrific. He has crafted a phantasmagoria of stories that feature a spider-infested pet horse head, post-apocalyptic dogs dealing with existential angst, the romantic undertones of a …read more

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