Wai Au

I draw comics under the handle Koyar and my real name. My heartwarming slice-of-life stories center around people, our mundane yet exciting lives that no matter how terrible things get, there are joy and happiness to be found when we tough it out. I also draw funny autobio comics titled Life on the Hill along with comics collective members, Kim Hoang and Julie Man.

Along with the love of comics, I lend my crafty skills to creating screenprinted, hand-bound volumes of comics and zines to my comics collective, Love Love Hill, in order to make something unique for our audience.


Au Lrg

Wai Au draws heartwarming slice-of-life stories center around people wearing glasses and animals. Aside from creating comics, she also lends her physical labour, design, and bookmaking skills to hand bind comic anthology that her group, Love Love Hill, has created.

Love Love Hill is a Canadian collective of comic artists, founded and led by Wai Au in Vancouver, Kim Hoang in Montréal, and Julie Man in Toronto. Since its realization ten years ago, we have been independently self-publishing anthologies of short comics, art zines, and minis, all lovingly bound in handmade volumes. Thematically centered around the little whimsical charms in life, we draw and write stories based on elements that we like to read ourselves, and we hope our readers will enjoy them equally.