Chromatic Press

Chromatic Press is a new, independent publisher of original comics, prose, and audio dramas in English for women and men across the globe.

Based on a digital version of the “manga magazine” format used to publish comics in Japan, Chromatic titles are serialized in the online, multimedia magazine Sparkler Monthly.

Sparkler Monthly hosts periodic open submissions for aspiring comic artists, writers, illustrators, and voice actors to pitch their work to be considered for the magazine.

Sparkler Monthly features a heavy focus on female readers and creators, especially those involved in the manga and fandom scenes online.

Sparkler Monthly became the new home of the illustrated web light novel Tokyo Demons (by Lianne Sentar and rem) and the OEL manga series Off*Beat by Jen Lee Quick, a discontinued TOKYOPOP manga from 2007 that will have its proper ending (Volume 3) at last.