Éditions TRIP Comix

Éditions TRIP is a small alternative publisher whose mandate is to raise awareness of Quebecois comics on the international market.

We wish to encourage the creation of vivid artistic works and to promote them by means of publications, conventions, conferences, and exhibitions.

Trip was created and is managed by Stanley Wany and Marc Tessier.

We uphold the works of Quebecois artists who have an original vision and a captivating narrative.

We seek to publish works that are experimental and new ‚Äì either by the means they take to transform the comic’s medium or the methods they use to revisit well-established methods.

As well, part of our mission is to embrace the vision of the comic book as an object of art.

Because we believe that a good story starts at the cover and is cultivated throughout well-conceived pages, we put great effort in choosing the right graphic style and materials for each new publication.

Éditions TRIP seeks to distribute its books in Canada’s official languages by publishing and promoting works that reach a bilingual public, either by conveying stories using only images or by involving both languages in their narratives.

At the moment, our main distribution channel is our webstore, with a few books available in bookstores in Montreal and in the Outaouais region.