Becky Hawkins

Becky Hawkins’ autobio comics follow her adventures traveling the world as a cruise ship musician, and moving from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon. Becky’s comics have appeared in The Zinester’s Guide to NYC, Women’s Review of Books, Willamette Week, and The Strumpet. Her current projects include a tenant’s rights comic created with the social justice nonprofit Know Your City; an ongoing series of one-panel watercolors with the Northwest Children’s Theater; and a 1940s lesbian superhero graphic novel with Eisner-nominated cartoonist Barry Deutsch. She continues to produce autobio comics with her costar, Shoulder Angel.


Michael Hawkins

Michael Hawkins was born in 1979, grew up in Tasmania, Australia and has been self-publishing comics for a long time. He also practices illustration various other forms of visual arts and sometimes stand-up comedy. He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.


Hawkins Lrg

Matt Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins is a New York City based video game designer, journalist, cultralist, and educator who has managed to combine his affinity for electronic entertainment and his love for the printed page. Mostly known for his writing, Matt’s gaming zine, the FORT90ZINE, has been called “The publication that helped spark the video game zine renaissance currently in effect.” And as a core member of the Attract Mode collective, he helps to produce game related comics, zines, prints, and apparel by enlisting the talents of those from the world of small press comics. Last year he was part of Comics Vs Games, in which he curated game inspired artwork on the behalf of TCAF, The Hand Eye Society, and TIFF Nexus.