Tyler J. Hutchison

Tyler J. Hutchison is just another middle class, straight, white boy who makes comics. There are literally thousands of comic artists from identical socio-economic backgrounds. But, for some dumb reason Tyler still felt it was important that his ‘unique’ outlook on life be shared. He found little to no success by creating a fake journal comic, The Adventures of Tyler J. Hutchison, steeped in references to 90’s and early 2000’s pop-culture. Things got a lot better for Tyler when he decided to draw Die Homer, a retelling of the 1988 action classic Die Hard starring Homer Simpson. When Tyler is not making comics, he is making video games with his friend Pen Ward.


Hutchison Lrg

Tyler Hutchison

Tyler J. Hutchison is the creator of We Draw Comics, an online collaborative comic creating application.

He is also the creator of The Adventures of Tyler J. Hutchison, a series of fake journal comics about Tyler’s real life Dungeons and Dragons adventures.

Tyler is also a software engineer and winner of the 2008 Best Paper award at EuroGP – The European Conference on Genetic Programming.