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Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the author/cartoonist of the BONE graphic novels, which won numerous awards around the world, including 2 NCS Division Awards for Best Comic Book, 10 Eisner Awards & 11 Harvey Awards, an Alph Art for Best Foreign Book in Angoulême, France, as well as awards in Spain, Germany, and Italy before being chosen to launch the first graphic novel imprint for children by Scholastic in 2005. In September of 2013, Smith released his most recent Graphic novel, a hardboiled, science fiction epic titled RASL. Also that fall, a new web-comic was launched about the first human to leave Africa 2,000,000 years ago called Tuki Saves the Humans at Boneville.com., and Smith was guest editor of The Best American Comic 2013. BONE, RASL and Best American Comics 2013 were NewYork Times Bestsellers.

Signing Schedule

  • Sunday, May 11th – 1:15pm – 2:15pm @ Marriott Signing Area