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Michael DeForge

Michael DeForge was born in 1987 and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, before moving to Toronto for school in the mid 2000s, where he quickly became an integral part of Toronto’s comics scene. Having released his debut work, Lose #1, in 2009, DeForge came to prominence for his rapidly expanding catalogue of work which included minis, zines, short stories in anthology collections, and four more issues of Lose which have won considerable acclaim. In 2010 DeForge was won Best Emerging Talent at the Doug Wright Awards, and in 2011 he won the award for non-narrative and nominally-narative work for his release Spotting Dear. In 2013 Koyama Press debuted DeForge’s first full book collection of work at TCAF 2013, entitled Very Casual (and which includes Spotting Deer), and it has found its way onto many critics’ Best of 2013 lists.

In winter 2014 Drawn & Quarterly will publish his graphic novel Ant Colony, and Koyama Press will debut the collection of DeForge’s acclaimed LOSE comic series at TCAF 2014 this May.

Michael DeForge is the illustrator of one of TCAF 2014’s official Festival Posters.