vicki nerino

classically educated and poorly socialized, vicki nerino likes to make a speedy, awkward, dirty, uncomfortable, and sometimes quite “adult” mess of things. whether it’s comics, illustrations, or paintings, vicki will probably do it fast and sloppy, but calculated as all-get-out. vicki appreciates visual dirt and noise, but shshsshhh be quiet please. she smears paint with her fingers and scratchs ink off with her nails, but holy smokes does she ever clean up nice.


Nerino Lrg

Vicki Nerino

vicki nerino has a degree in illustration (yes, that is actually a thing). by day, she is an office monkey drawing cute bubbly prints for kids and communicating with dudes and ladies on the other side of the globe for a kids clothing company. by night, she is an illustrating, comicking, drawing & painting, eating, bad joke making, sleep tooting, sailor mouthed shut-in.