The Topato Corporation, or TopatoCo for short, is a company started in Oklahoma by cartoonist Jeffrey Rowland, who has been making internet comics since 1999. In about 2004 he created TopatoCo to legitimize the sale of merchandise related to his internet webcomics. Shortly thereafter he began taking on the duties of shipping the merchandise of other cartoonists. In December 2007 Jeffrey asked all his shipping friends if they wanted to put all of their stuff on one site where people could shop for everything and save money by mixing and matching orders with everybody else!

Nowadays, TopatoCo is in Easthampton, Massachusetts! They have two main goals: pay artists what they deserve, and make sure the stuff fans get is of the highest possible quality.

They also publish books! TopatoCo Books are just as nice as any book you can find anywhere, except the person who made it — not Amazon, not Barnes & Noble, not Diamond Distributors, not anyone else who did not make the book — actually earns money from the sale.

TopatoCo is named after the character Topato Potato who is a magical potato who lives in space and is best friends with a pony.

You can see some of the people who work at TopatoCo in action at Jeffrey Rowland’s journal comic, Overcompensating. There are cusses on Overcompensating so don’t go there unless you’re old enough to know about cussing.