TCAF 2013 – Call For Programming

Deadline March 22nd, 2013

Do you have the long-held desire to get up in front of a room to talk about your work or about things you find interesting about comics to an audience of your dearest friends, your professional colleagues, and (mostly) people you don’t know at all? Or do you want to see other people get up and do that for the benefit of all? If your answer is yes, tell us!

Starting today and continuing through Friday, March 22nd, we are accepting suggestions for TCAF 2013’s slate of programming. This will include panels, lectures, readings, workshops, interviews, and probably several other even more interestingly-formatted things. Here’s what we did last year: [link]. If you have ideas for this year, please send us e-mail about it to by Friday, March 22nd.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are doing two days of professional development programming, by creators and experts, for comics creators. These will be Thursday May 9th and Friday May 10th. If you want to present here, please clearly outline that. This will be programming aimed at comics creators. Share your knowledge and skills, and build up your own knowledge base and skills! Style or product demos, social media or copyright, storytelling, photocopying, whatever! We’d love to hear from you.

Your e-mail should include the following:

Name & Credentials: Include any information that might help assess your credibility in presenting or suggesting programming. The less you’ve worked with TCAF, the more detailed you should be.

Programming Description: It is probably best to limit any descriptions here to a title, and three sentences. Feel free to say something less specific though, for example, “I want to see/would be willing to be on any interesting panels and I can talk about topics X, Y, and Z” or (the somewhat fraught-with-danger option) “I am willing to do anything!”

Date Restrictions: When can you do this program? Anytime? Will you not be in town on Saturday? Do you only leave the house at night? These are things you should tell us. Note: We are doing creator-specific workshops on Friday. If you’re not around Friday, let us know.

Audience: Who is the audience for your program? TCAF will have four streams of programming this year: Workshops (for current and/or aspiring comics creators), General/academic programs (held in the Toronto Public Library rooms, for general audiences), Bar programs (held in the bar across the street, for any discussion you’d want to listen to while also consuming alcohol), and Kids programming (for programming specifically aimed at small, medium-sized, or large-but-not-fully-grown kids and teens).

Anything Else: If you have a burning desire to impart to us additional information, please feel free.

E-mails about programming can go to Gina Gagliano (general programming) and Scott Robins (kids programming) at Again, we need any proposals by March 22nd. Feel free to e-mail us if you’ve got programming-related questions or any confusion we can clear up.

Please note: We do not necessarily do every program that is submitted to us! Though we’d love to have the time and space to accommodate every suggestion, the Toronto Public Library is (alas) not infinitely expandable. If your program is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail directly from either Gina or Scott. In the meantime, you can e-mail to ask about the status of your program proposal. Our apologies in advance; we do not accept single-publisher panel proposals, but we do accept single-creator programming proposals. (i.e., Not “The Marvel Comics Panel”, but “All About Steve Ditko” would be super-duper!)