TCAF 2014 Announces Comics Workshop Programming!

TCAF is proud to present a series of short workshops on comics creation, by noted comics experts! All workshops start on the hour, and last for 50 minutes. The Comics Workshop Space is located on the first floor of Toronto Reference Library, next to the TD Gallery in Learning Center 2. Seating for these panels is limited to 35 participants, and we recommend attendees have at least a basic understanding of concepts to be discussed.

Toronto Reference Library: Comics Workshop Space


9am-11am: “Zine Workshop”, presented by Seneca College

11am: “Creating Kids Comics” with Rafael Rosado (Giants Beware!)

12pm: “Drawing Music,” with Renaud Dillies (Abelard, Betty Blues)

1pm: “Inking” with Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Batman)

2pm: “Drawing” with Christophe Blain (Weapons of Mass Diplomacy)

3pm: “Writing From Life” with Liz Prince (Alone Forever)

4pm: “Writing Characters from Other Media” with Jim Zub (Samurai JackSkullkickers)


12pm: “Webcomics” with Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots)

1pm: Special Presentation: “How to Fight Censorship” with Charles Brownstein, CBLDF
Many take it for granted that censorship couldn’t possibly be an issue in 21st Century North America, but the sad truth is that the issue is growing more serious every year.  From bans & school funding cuts because of comics like Bone Fun Home in the United States, to serious criminal charges against manga readers at Canada Customs, the freedom to read is very much imperiled.  Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Charles Brownstein presents an overview of the censorship challenges facing readers right now, and talks about ways you can make an impact to combat censorship in your communities at this informative presentation.

2pm: Gesture & Comics with Ben Hatke (The Return of Zita the Space Princess)

3pm: Graphic Activism w. Nicole Guiniling (Ad Astra Comics)

4pm: Special Presentation: Bitstrips: Democratizing Comics

Bitstrips is the international phenomenon that allows the average person to express themselves through comics! Bitstrips has democratized comics creation, and through its Facebook and Mobile apps put that power into the hands of users world wide. But is that such a good idea after all? Join Jacob Blackstock, CEO and Founder of Bitstrips, as he discusses his immensely popular app, its successes, pitfalls, and where it’s going next!