TCAF Announces The Wowee Zonk Small Press Area 2014


Good news! Toronto art collective Wowee Zonk have once again done a fantastic job curating a selection of some of the finest, weirdest, punkiest, artiest cartoonists, comics, and publishers working today! Check out this fantastic list of creators who will be sitting in the Wowee Zonk Small Press Area at TCAF 2014!

Once again, the Small Press Area will be housed in the Browsery at TRL, so you’ll be able to see all kinds of amazing art and comics from the street! And then you can come inside and buy’em!

The Wowee Zonk Small Press Area will include:

Chris Kuzma –
Patrick Kyle –
Ginette Lapalme –
Closed Caption Comics –
Mark Connery
Marc Bell –
Amy Lockhart –
Breakdown Press –
Keith Jones –
Ryan Dodgson –
Phil Woollam –
Lauren Albert –
Adam Buttrick –
Andy Burkholder –
Sab Meynert –
Eric Williams –
Lale Westvind –
Michael Comeau –
Rosena Fung –
Selena Wong –
Juli Majer –
Space Face Books –
Eunice Luk –
Alabaster –
Ethan Rilly –
OCADU Student Table

Our thanks to Chris, Ginette, and Patrick, for helping put this area together again this year!

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