Update: New Exhibitors at TCAF, New Books, and some Cancellations!

We’re pleased to welcome Homestuck/MSPaint Adventures Creator Andrew Hussie!

If you’ve been following TCAF on Twitter, you’ll have seen dozens of Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie’s fans asking him if he was on his way to Toronto for TCAF this year. We’re quite happy to report that Andrew will be returning for a second year, and might even be bringing a special treat or two. At TCAF, Andrew’s books and other merchandise will be sold from the Topatoco Booth on the second floor, and Andrew will be signing at The Beguiling Signing Area, located on B1.

Welcome back to TCAF Mr. Hussie!

More new TCAF Exhibitors!

In the last week or so, we’ve added a couple of returning favourites to the TCAF roster. Please join us in welcoming back Joe Bluhm (caricaturist extrordinare), Meredith Gran (creator of the awesome OCTOPUS PIE), and Matt Hawkins ( to TCAF 2012. Also, Jason Caffoe, a talented cartoonist and assistant and colourist to Kazu Kibuishi on the popular AMULET series will be making his TCAF debut.

3 New Debut Books at TCAF

We’re always happy when authors and publishers choose to debut their new projects at TCAF, and this year is looking to be an incredibly strong showing in terms of great new books at the show! First, author Jim Zub and Canadian publisher UDON will be premiering their new YA graphic novel Makeshift Miracle Book One: The Girl From Nowhere, collecting the story serialized online in a lush new hardcover.

We’ve also added two new independtly published books. Author Megan Murphy will release the second book of her Kawaii Not webseries, Kawaii Not, Too: Cute Gets Badder, with more than 200 pages of adorable, subversive 4-koma (4 panel humour) comic strips, in full colour with a unique binding! Author Ed Choy will release the risographed Araby, from James Joyce’s Dubliners, at TCAF 2012.

You can see all of the 2012 debut books at


Unfortunately, as we move closer to the Festival dates and cartoonist schedules and finances firm up, it becomes less realistic for them to take a trip to Toronto. As such, previously-announced exhibitors Matthew Bogart, Tom Humberstone, Alex Noriega, Robert Kirby, and Iris Yan have had to cancel their appearance this year. In addition, Grimallken Press, headed by Jordan Shively, will not be in attendance.  We certainly hope that they can make it back for 2013.

Also, “The Playground War”, the new book by Dustin Harbin, has unfortunately been delayed until fall 2012 and thus will not be debuting at TCAF 2012. Dustin is still scheduled to attend TCAF though, and he hopes to have an as-yet unannounced project at the show.

– Chris, TCAF