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TCAF 2016: Initial Featured Guests Announcement

Toronto Public Library and The Beguiling present

TCAF 2016 – The Toronto Comic Arts Festival
@ Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street
Professional Development: Friday, May 13, 8:30am-5pm
Saturday, May 14, 9am-5pm
Sunday, May 15, 10am-5pm
Free to attend


TORONTO, CANADA — We here at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival are thrilled to announce our initial Featured Guests and Events for TCAF 2016, taking place May 14th and 15th in Toronto, Canada! With over 400 cartoonists scheduled to attend from more than a dozen countries on their way to Toronto this May, we’re getting ready celebrate the very best in comics, graphic novels, bandes dessinées, and manga! Prepare yourself for a week of readings, launches, and art events culminating in a massive, FREE two-day exhibition at Toronto Reference Library, May 14 and 15, 2016!

Every year the Toronto Comic Arts Festival showcases Canada’s incredible comics talent on a world stage by promoting some of our best and brightest creators and publishers, and inviting the attention of the global cartooning community. The 2016 programme builds on our previous successes, with a continued commitment to offer more engaging programming, in multiple formats, focusing on compelling and challenging work being made across the world. Art sales and exhibition, increased programming, and gallery shows are at the core of the 2016 programme, as highlighted by these talented Featured Guests:

Beaton 160Canadian comics hero Kate Beaton is the creator of beloved humour series Hark! A Vagrant, which has spawned a bestselling book of the same title. In 2015, Beaton released her first picture book, The Princess and the Pony (Scholastic), and a second collection of strips entitled Step Aside, Pops (Drawn & Quarterly). Beaton’s work is both expressive and hilarious, possessing a signature style and wit that are uniquely her own.

Kate Beaton is one of TCAF’s 2016’s official poster artists, and we will be revealing her official poster in the next few weeks!

Fegredo 160Duncan Fegredo has been on the North American comics scene since illustrating Kid Eternity (DC Comics) with writer Grant Morrison. Since then he’s gone on to illustrate a number of critically acclaimed works, including Enigma (DC Comics) with writer Peter Milligan, and a much-lauded run on Hellboy (Dark Horse) with Mike Mignola. His most recent work is MPH (Image Comics), with writer Mark Millar. This will be Duncan Fegredo’s first visit to TCAF, and we’re excited to welcome him to Canada!

Lisa Hanawalt is amazing! Since debuting My Dumb Dirty Eyes at TCAF 2013, Hanawalt has really made her mark at the designer of the Netflix super hit series BoJack Horseman, contributing columns to Lucky Peach magazine, and co-hosting the podcast Baby Geniuses. She is returning to TCAF 2016 as a Featured Guest to in support of her new graphic novel Hot Dog Taste Test (Drawn & Quarterly), debuting at the show!
MariNaomi 160
MariNaomi is a prolific creator of autobiographical comics. She an Eisner-nominated artist, known for fantastic books like Dragon’s Breath and Other True Stories and Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22. At TCAF 2016 she will be debuting the brand new book Turning Japanese (2D Cloud). We’re so pleased to have her join us as a Featured Guest!
Phillips 160
Noir comics master Sean Phillips is coming back to TCAF! Phillips has worked on everything from Batman to X-Men, but he’s maybe best known for his collaborations with writer Ed Brubaker: Criminal, Incognito, Fatale, and the recently-completed The Fade Out (Image Comics). This year, Sean is bringing with him “Phono+Graphic,” an art show that spotlights over 80 amazing album covers created by comics artists for vinyl records. The show tours here from the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, and we’re excited to bring it to Canada.
Rabagliati 160
With six books under his belt, Michel Rabagliati is an essential figure in not only the comics scene of Quebec, but all of Canada. Creator of essential works like Paul Moves Out, Paul Joins the Scouts, and The Song of Roland (recently adapted into a feature film!), Michel is attending TCAF 2016 to debut the English version of Paul Up North (Conundrum) and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Canadian publisher Conundrum Press. It’s sure to be a real party!
Rokudenashiko 160
Rokudenashiko is a world-famous artist, best known for her vulva-centric sculptures. Her work challenges Japan’s prudish censorship laws, which has now led to her being twice arrested by the on obscenity charges in Japan. Rokudenashiko is attending TCAF 2016 in support of her new graphic novel and essay collection What Is Obscenity? The Story Of A Good For Nothing Artist And Her Pussy (Koyama Press), produced in association with MASSIVE.

His name is Chip Zdarsky, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back to TCAF 2016 as a Featured Guest and one of our 2016 Poster Artists. Chip Zdarsky is the co-creator of the books Sex Criminals and Kaptara (Image Comics), and is writing Howard The Duck (Marvel Comics) and Jughead (Archie Comics). We’ll be revealing his 2016 poster in the next few weeks!

And these are just the first eight featured guests among the more than 400 Canadian and International cartoonists participating in the 2016 Festival.

Featured guests will continue to be announced through January, February, and March, with special guests from Germany, Italy, USA, France, Japan, and Canada still to be revealed!

In addition to the programmes mentioned above, TCAF 2016 will also feature several programming spotlights including a special tribute to the wonderful and hardworking Canadian publisher Conundrum Press, on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary, and First Second Books on their 10th Anniversary.

Additional Programs will be announced in February and March, including the CSSC-SCEBD Academic Conference, Library & Educator Day, Word Balloon Academy, Comics Vs. Games 5, Gallery Showings, Screenings, and much more. Visit TCAF online for up-to-the-minute updates.

Twitter: @Torontocomics


Please include in your listings. The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2016, Saturday May 14, 9am-5pm, and Sunday May 15, 10am-5pm, @ Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street. Attendance is FREE to the public. Select guest bios and images are available upon request. Please send all inquiries to


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival would not be possible without the assistance of our sponsors and partners, including presenting sponsor Toronto Public Library and primary sponsor The Beguiling Books & Art.

TCAF is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

We would also like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 157 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

TCAF would like to thank 2D Press, Conundrum Press, Drawn & Quarterly, Koyama Press, The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, Massive, and La Pasteque for the support of the artists and programmes mentioned in this announcement.

Sponsorship opportunities for TCAF 2016 are still available, please contact us at: for more info.

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Sign Up Now for TCAF Librarian & Educator Day, May 13th!

Toronto Comic Arts Festival Librarian & Educator Day: Friday, May 13th 20161000px_gurihiru_poster_flat_tif

The fifth annual TCAF Librarian & Educator Day is happening on Friday, May 13th 2016 at Toronto Reference Library. Building on the success of our last four years, and incorporating your feedback, L&ED 2016 will once again be a full day of professional programming to help you make the most of the medium of comics in your libraries and schools.

Librarian & Educator Day is held in the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at Toronto Reference Library, a block from the Yonge-Bloor station in downtown Toronto. Librarians and teachers may participate in Librarian & Educator Day for free, but must register via the link below.

Click here to sign up!

Programming for Librarian & Educator Day 2016 will begin to be announced in early spring.

If you have any questions about TCAF’s Librarian & Educator Day, please email Programming Co-ordinator Andrew Woodrow-Butcher at

Art Credit: TCAF 2015 Poster by Gurihiru


Call for Programming! TCAF 2016, May 13-15


Hi there! How much do you love comics? Do you love comics in a way that makes you get up in front of audiences to talk about them? To run a comics workshop or moderate a comics discussion? Well then you’re in luck – TCAF’s Call for Programming for 2016 is now open!

We’d love to know if you’re interested in suggesting a program for TCAF 2016! We have kid, teen, and general audiences programming on Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th at TCAF. We also offer special programming for librarians and educators on Friday May 13th, as well as workshops for comics professionals on that same day too! Feel free to submit something you want do, something you want to see, or just volunteer yourself as a participant or moderator.

You can fill out the form right now at

Submissions close on Monday February 8th.

Photo credit: Paul Hillier

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Apply now to exhibit at TCAF 2016!

The exhibitor application period for TCAF 2016 has now ended. We thank everyone for their applications! Exhibitors who’ve been selected for TCAF 2016 will be contacted in December.

For any questions, please contact



Exhibitor applications are now being accepted for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2016, scheduled to take place Friday May 13th through Sunday May 15th, 2016.

Interested exhibitors can apply now at

If you’re interested in exhibiting at TCAF 2016, please register online using this application form. We are asking all creators, collectives, and publishers interested in exhibiting at TCAF 2016 to register online using the application form. If you are a full-line publisher (more than 10 releases per year) or will require multiple table-spaces, please still register using this form, but also contact for further information and instructions.

We are asking creators to exhibit every other year. If you exhibited in 2015 it is highly unlikely that you will be given a space for 2016, without extenuating circumstances (i.e., a major new print release, a gallery show, etc.).

Applications for TCAF 2016 are due by Friday, October 23rd, 2015. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee table space at TCAF 2016. TCAF will reply to all applicants by Monday, December 7th.

Because of the high volume of submissions we have historically received, preference for exhibition space will be given to:

a) Comics creators (versus illustrators/animators/fine artists/other creative persons),
b) Creators with new major works debuting at or around TCAF 2016,
c) Those creators who have not exhibited in 2015.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact

Thank you,

– Christopher Butcher, Director, TCAF


TCAF 2015 Wrap-Up, 2016 Festival Announcement



1000px_charlesburns_poster_flat_tifMy name is Christopher Butcher, and I’m the Co-Founder and Festival Director of The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, or TCAF. This past May we held the 10th TCAF, a celebration of comics, graphic novels, and their creators, from Canada and around the world. On behalf of the entire TCAF team, I’d like to thank all of our attendees, exhibitors, and the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make TCAF 2015 a success.

Traditionally we’d been writing rather long round-ups of the festival, to try and contextualize what we’d done, to help attendees relive their favourite memories, and give folks who couldn’t attend a little taste of what the Festival was like. This year though, we’re going to pare that way, way back, as it’s not hard to find reports on the fest and its happenings, thanks to the proliferation of social media and the awesome folks who take the time to talk about what we’re doing online.

What we do want to do though, is provide a small wrap-up, information about next year, and really make sure to thank all of the folks who made TCAF 2015 a success, so please join us as we do that below.

Save The Date: TCAF 2016 takes place May 13-15, 2016.

We’re proud to announce that TCAF 2015 will take place on May 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2016. Friday will house numerous professional development events including Word Balloon Academy and Librarian & Educator Day, and the main exhibitor displays will happen Saturday and Sunday, as happened this year. This year TCAF will not coincide with either Free Comic Book Day or Mother’s Day, which both occur the preceding weekend.

The festival will continue to be headquartered at Toronto Reference Library and Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, thanks to the gracious support of presenting sponsor Toronto Public Library. It will also encompass spaces in The Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville, St. Paul’s Church, The Pilot Tavern, and spaces within the surrounding neighbourhood. Full details to be announced in early 2016.

Exhibitor applications for TCAF 2016 are now being accepted at

Just the facts: TCAF 2015 by the numbers

tcaf_3dprintingThe attendance for TCAF 2015 continued to rise, with a rough attendance estimate of 24,000 people across all festival events, up from 22,000 in 2014, and 18,000 in 2012 and 2013. The number of exhibitors topped 500 unique artists, authors, and publishers/publishing reps.

Attendance at off-site events was also stronger than ever. Marriott Programming saw increases on Saturday and Sunday, and events like the Queer Mixer and the launch for The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by author Sam Maggs were only limited in size by venue capacity.

As TCAF is a free event, attendees tend to interact with the festival very differently than other comics events with admission prices. Average attendance at the Festival is 2 hours, which accounts for the higher volume of attendees, as they cycle through the Festival space much more quickly.

Thank you to our partners and friends:

TCAF is largely a free festival, and it is thanks to the support of the organizations and individuals that donate their time, effort, and money, to keep it that way. Our sincere thanks to everyone who supported the festival and its exhibitors this year.

We would like to thank presenting sponsor Toronto Public Library, TPL’s TCAF Liaison Ken Sparling, and the staffs of Toronto Reference Library and The Bram & Bluma Appel Salon for their continued partnership and contribution to the festival. It is this partnership that helps communicate to the public one of TCAF’s primary goals: the elimination of barriers to entry to the medium of comics. Our thanks to TPL for their continued support.

TCAF also couldn’t happen without the retail and logistical backbone that is The Beguiling Books & Art, and Little Island Comics. These two organizations and their staffs contribute mightily to the organization and execution of this event, and their support is greatly appreciated.

1000px_gurihiru_poster_flat_tifTCAF thanks the following organizations for their financial support:

  • The Beguiling Books & Art and Little Island Comics
  • We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.
  • We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.
  • TCAF is produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.
  • Seneca College School of Creative Arts and Animation for their support of our festival programming.
  • VIZ Media for their continued blanket support of the festival.
  • The Consulate General of France in Toronto
  • The Italian Cultural Institute
  • Sequential – Comics & Graphics for iPad
  • The Dutch Foundation for Literature
  • The Government of the Province of Quebec.
  • The Goethe Institut Toronto
  • Midoco Art & Office Supplies, Toronto.


In addition, TCAF thanks the following venue, publisher, and promotional sponsors for their support of the festival:

  • The Alliance Francaise Toronto
  • The Japan Foundation
  • NOW Magazine
  • OWLkids
  • The Pilot Tavern
  • The Central


dandq_25thFinally, TCAF would like to thank the following organizations for significantly contributing to the TCAF 2015 program.

  • Drawn & Quarterly, for working with TCAF to host their 25th Anniversary celebrations including guest travel, programming, and more. A special thank you to Chris Oliveros of D&Q, who retired as Editor in Chief this year, and who has been a supporter of the Festival since its inception in 2003. Congratulations on 25 years, and here’s to 25 more!
  • The Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto, for arranging for the exhibition of Lorenzo Mattotti’s Hansel & Gretel at the Institute Gallery.
  • The Hand-Eye Society, for programming Comics vs. Games 2015, and supporting the travel and exhibition of numerous exhibitors.
  • The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics / Société canadienne pour l’étude de la bande dessinée, for bringing their full academic program to TCAF.
  • Wowee Zonk collective members Chris Kuzma, Patrick Kyle, and Ginette Lapalme, for curating and organizing our small-press area.
  • The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, for their lovely exhibition “It’s Nice Out”, otherwise known as the UK Pavilion.
  • The NFB and Director Luc Chamberland, for helping to arrange the screening Seth’s Dominion.
  • Ryan Couldrey and Ben Rivers, for helping to arrange the screening of Snow. 
  • The organizers of The 2015 Doug Wright Awards.
  • The Finnish group Tulintu for the Comic art in glass exhibition.
  • Massive’s Anne Ishii and Graham Kolbeins for hosting the 2015 Queer Mixer.
  • TCAF Library and Educator Day was supported in part by the donations of publishers Conundrum Press, Nobrow, Scholastic Canada, and VIZ Media. Thank you!
  • TCAF would like to thank all of our Browsery exhibitors for their patience regarding the unexpected and unprecedented headwave in their area this year. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll be working to make changes for 2016 and beyond.
  • Publishers and organizations who organized events and supported author travel, including The Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Ryerson University, Rotopol Press, Random House Books, Jason Kieffer, Ethan Rilly, Tin Can Forest & Geoff Berner, Koyama Press, NBM, The Collective of Black Artists, Drawn & Quarterly, 2D Cloud, Space Face Books, Youth in Decline, Editions Pow Pow, Random House Canada, Fantagraphics Books, Groundwood Books & House of Anansi, Nobrow, Secret Acres, First Second Books, Breadpig, Viz Media, and Krystle Tabujara and DJ Chest Hair Brown.


We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

woweezonkTCAF would like to thank all of the participating creators and publishers for exhibiting with us. There wouldn’t be a show without you.

TCAF would like to thank all of our programming participants for supporting the rich and successful program we enjoy. A lot of hard work goes into moderating and developing successful programs and panels, and TCAF greatly appreciates you investing your time with us.

TCAF would like to thank the artists of our official Festival Posters: Charles Burns, Pascal Girard, Gurihiru. You have created gorgeous, lasting images which beautifully communicated our ideas and intent to the world, and will for years to come. Special thanks to Alexander Dimitrov of Toronto Public Library for creating a special 3d printed version of elements from Gurihiru’s poster. Also, our sincere thanks to Andy Belanger, for providing art for the TCAFete, and especially Dustin Harbin, for designing the beautiful Word Balloon Academy Logos. Shout-out to Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon for allowing us to repurpose their 2012 artwork throughout the festival.

TCAF would like to thank Jocelyne Allen, Mimmy Shen, Aki Yanagi, and Stephane Beaujean for their translation support.

TCAF would like to thank Mike Mabee for the 2015 Program Guide Refresh and John Green for program guide assistance, and we would like to acknowledge the historical design contributions of Shane Bennett, Nadine Lession, Diana McNally, and Chip Zdarsky.

Thanks to Rizie Roculan for managing Instagram and our social media this year!

TCAF would like to thank the following individuals for their support of the festival: Leyla Aker, Corey Mintz, Chip Zdarsky, Erik Ko, Kim Hoang, Miguel Sternberg, Jim Munroe, Ryan North, Denise Anderson, Julie Tait, Aki Yanagi, Ed Chavez, Terry Nantier, Julia Pohl-Miranda and the team at D&Q, John Green, and the numerous folks who helped pull together different parts of TCAF.

TCAF would like to thank the Staff of The Beguiling, Little Island Comics, and Page & Panel: Alana, Alex, Arthur, Bettina, Cassie, Chris, Christine, David, Duncan, Genève, Ginette, Halliday, Helen, Jarrett, Jason, Jerry, Jim, Jonathan, Laura, Paul, Sab, Ted, and Terry. You contributed mightily to making TCAF a reality.

volunteersThanks to our head volunteers head volunteers Jasmine Drudge Wilson, Marty Chodorek, Luc Becker, Duncan Steele, Kerrie McCreadie, Bled Celhyka, Chris Vriend, Alex de Pompa, Eva Cherney, Radwa Auda, Gregory Seljak, Connor Baker, Lorna Antoniazzi, Gabi Zverina, and Sally Sparrow. You did a great job!

Speaking for myself, I would like to thank the rest of the staff of TCAF for their hard work and dedication to the Festival this year. TCAF is now fully a year-round commitment to many of the folks involved, and I great appreciate that you have all risen to the challenge. My thanks to Miles Baker, Andrew Townsend, Andrew Woodrow-Butcher, Krystle Tabujara, Dan Seljak, Kim Hoang, Gina Gagliano, Lindsay Gibb, Parrish Kilthei, Jamie Edwards, Pip Bradford, Nathalie Atkinson, and our friend Georgia Webber, who is moving on from TCAF for a well-deserved rest. You all did great.

Thank you, Peter.

Finally, to our incredible volunteers: TCAF simply would not be possible without you.  Thank you to everyone who gave their time and energy to support the festival.



What’s next?

1000px_pascalblanchet_poster_flat_tifTCAF continues! As you may know we opened up a full-time, year-round, permanent store called Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop inside Toronto Reference Library, where you can get a little taste of the festival year round. Drop by sometime (if you haven’t already), or visit us online at

TCAF is also continuing its mission to promote Canadian culture abroad, with exhibitions planned for The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival from October 16th to 18th in Kendal, England, the Kaigai Manga Festa on November 15th in Tokyo, Japan, and Design Festa on November 21st and 22nd in Tokyo, Japan. More information on both events will be posted at this august.

You can purchase the Pascal Blanchet, Charles Burns, and Gurihiru TCAF Posters at The Beguiling’s Online Artstore. They have all of the previous year’s posters as well!

And of course, TCAF 2016 next May. Mark your calendars!

In Conclusion…

Once again, on behalf of myself and the entire staff I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to make The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2015 a success. We’ll see you again soon.


Christopher Butcher, Co-Founder and Festival Director

On behalf of

Peter Birkemoe, Co-Founder, Primary Sponsor
Miles Baker, Managing Director
Gina Gagliano, Programming Coordinator
Andrew Woodrow-Butcher, Kids Programming Coordinator
Dan Seljak, Volunteer Coordinator
Andrew Townsend, Support Manager
Krystle Tabujara, Logistics Manager
Georgia Webber, WBA Programming Coordinator
Kim Hoang, Guest Liaison and General Support
Nathalie Atkinson, Media Assistance
Lindsay Gibb, Library & Educator Day Programming Coordinator
Parrish Kilthei, A/V and Site Coordinator
Jamie Edwards, Site Coordinator
Pip Bradford, Site Coordinator

Photos in this news post taken from the TCAF instagram, most likely taken by Rizie Roculan. :)


TCAF Lorenzo Mattotti Exhibition Runs Until June 26th


TCAF may be over, but the brilliant exhibition of original artwork by TCAF Featured Guest Lorenzo Mattotti will continue until June 26th! Drawn from his masterful adaptation of Hansel & Gretel, this exhibition of originals is truly incredible, and we strongly recommend you visit it while it’s still up!  Our thanks to The Istituto Italiano di Cultura for their incredible support.

HANSEL & GRETEL: An exhibit by Lorenzo Mattotti
runs at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura (496 Huron St.)
from May 9th through June 26th
Open Mon – Fri: 10:00am. – 1:00pm.; 2:30pm. – 4:30pm.

About Hansel & Gretel: In 1812, the Brothers Grimm published the story of “Hansel and Gretel” about a brother and sister who must survive abandonment by their parents and being captured by a hungry witch.

In 2007, Mattotti created compelling black-and-white artwork for the fairy tale. While not in the traditional graphic novel format, this illustrated short story alternates between images and words, allowing for full spreads of the artist’s drawings, punctuated by intermittent spreads of text. There is no question that Gaiman is an incredibly gifted wordsmith, and his retelling hearkens back to the Grimms’s original narrative. The most inspirational part of this book is Mattotti’s artwork. Pitch-black India ink is used to great effect, creating dark and terrifying landscapes that threaten to envelop the tiny figures of the children.

About Lorenzo Mattotti: Lorenzo Mattotti is an Italian comics and graphic artist living in Paris. He is a Featured Guest of TCAF 2015, and attends the festival with the support of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Mattotti’s English-language works include Fires and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (from NBM, which won an Eisner Award in 2003) , Murmur (Penguin Books), Chimera (Ignatz/Fantagraphics) and The Raven (Fantagraphics). Mattotti also contributed to the groundbreaking alternative comix anthology RAW, and is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker–including many cover illustrations.

In addition to his comics and illustration work, Lorenzo Mattotti is a highly respected multi-disciplinary artists, from reinterpreting reinterpreting the models of the most famous fashion designers for “Vanity” magazine, to designing the title sequences for the film “Eros” by Wong Kar-wai, to directing an animated version of his work in the animation anthology “Fears of the Dark.”



3D Printed Figures Based On Gurihiru’s TCAF Poster!


Oh wow! Look at these awesome 3D design objects that Toronto Reference Library Digital Innovation Hub staffer Alex Dimitrov created, based on the TCAF 2015 poster by Gurihiru!

TPL is making these 3d designs available for free download for you to print at home, and you can also print them in the Digital Innovation Hub during TCAF!

Click through to see more amazing images of the figures, and to find out how you can print your own!

Thanks to Toronto Public Library and Gurihiru for helping set this up!



TCAF 2015 Exhibitor Maps and Seating Area!

No longer do you need to aimlessly wander the Toronto Reference Library looking for your favourite cartoonists and publishers. We’ve made it so much easier! See below for maps of the main exhibition floor, as well as table numbers for where folks will be sitting.

Now, we highly recommend that people download the TCAF 2015 Guidebook, available here: It’s a free app for your smartphone or tablet. It’s also a really convenient way to organize your TCAF weekend, keeping track of panels you want to attend, or exhibitors and guests you want to visit. PLUS, then you don’t get your fingers covered in newsprint. We will be adding table numbers throughout the day, but the app already has the maps as well as all festival programming and events!

Check it out!

The Atrium


Second Floor & The Salon


Table numbers beginning with 1 indicate a table in the Atrium.
Table numbers beginning with 2 indicate a table on the second floor and in The Salon.
Wowee Zonk indicates an exhibitor sitting in the Wowee Zonk Small Press Area, located in the Beeton Auditorium.

2D CLOUD 132
Ad Astra Comix 113
Leisl Adams 108
AdHouse Books 219
AH Comics Inc 172
Lala Albert Wowee Zonk
Alternative Comics 139
Anne Notation 232
Lara Antal 122
Adam Aylard 165
Kristyna Baczynski 253
Pénélope Bagieu Signing
Lynda Barry 134, 135, 136
Becky and Frank 284
Andy Belanger 206
Marc Bell Wowee Zonk
Sandra Bell-Lundy 111
Bento Comics 108
Dan Berry LICAF
Kory Bing 255
Reed Black 223
Pascal Blanchet 173, 174
Angelica Blevins 254
Joe Bluhm 249
Ruben Bolling 236
Boulet 277, 278
Boum 177
Ivan Brandon 201
Breadpig, Inc 277, 278
Brolly Lolly 109
Anna Bron 232
Box Brown 147
Alan Brown 269
Lars Brown 279
Chester Brown 134, 135, 136
Kevin Budnik 236
Antonin Buisson 176
Nina Bunjevac 167, 168
Andy Burkholder 132
Charles Burns 157, 158
Adam Buttrick Wowee Zonk
C.M. Butzer 178
Taylor C. 244
Samuel Cantin 183, 184
Oli Carpentier 145, 146
Meaghan Carter 250
J. A. Carvajal 256
Caitlin Cass 244
Melissa Castrillon 109
Cathon 183, 184
Brandon Celi Wowee Zonk
Taran Chadra 275, 276
Afu Chan 110
Nicole Chartrand 250
Shelly Chen 110
Peter Chiykowski 115
ChiZine Publications/ChiGraphic 115
Svetlana Chmakova 108
Michael Cho 167, 168
Hudson Christie Wowee Zonk
Chromatic Press Inc. 227
Mimi Chzankowski Wowee Zonk
Amy Chu 274
Marta Chudolinska 180
Clavicle Cocoris 269
Aaron Cockle 245
Eric Colossal 246
Colour Code 216
Joey Comeau 286-291
Michael Comeau Wowee Zonk
Comic Syrup Press 117
Mark Connery Wowee Zonk
Andrew Connor 114
Conundrum press 153, 154
Helah Cooper 238
Sabrina Cotugno 264
Wes Craig 239
Jordan Crane 128
Morgan Criger Wowee Zonk
Cute Juice Comics 270
Czap Books 235
Gigi D.G. 285
Evan Dahm 283
Eleanor Davis 165
Dawn “playerprophet” Davis 182
Étienne Davodeau 169, 170
Willow Dawson 109
Brandon Dayton 127
Margreet de Heer 169, 170
Joe Decie LICAF
Michael DeForge 134-6, 150-2
A.Degen 150, 151, 152
Anayte Delahay 182
Blue Delliquanti 255
Julie Delporte 134, 135, 136
Alec Dempster 180
Abby Denson 230
The Devastator 129
Dirchansky / Love Love Hill 228
Dirty Diamonds 249
Ryan Dodgson Wowee Zonk
Julie Doucet 134, 135, 136
Ryan Dow 237
Drawn & Quarterly 134, 135, 136
Jerzy & Anne Drozd 127
C.M. Dufft 273
Jarrett Duncan 220
Oliver East LICAF
Éditions TRIP Comix 176
Jonathan Edwards LICAF
Victoria Grace Elliott 110
Hunt Emerson LICAF
Em Erdman 263
Fanfare Presents 141
Fantagraphics Books 162, 163, 164
Ray Fawkes 201
Felt Mistress LICAF
Michel Fiffe 123
Jess Fink 246
Tim Fish 221
Hannah Fisher 266
Meags Fitzgerald 153, 154
Brenden Fletcher 203
Floating World Comics 130
Matthew Forsythe 134, 135, 136
Noel Freibert Wowee Zonk
Mike Freiheit 273
Rosena Fung Wowee Zonk
Rita Fürstenau 121
David Gaffney LICAF
Penina Gal 257
Monica Gallagher 221
Emi Gennis 268
GG 220
Steven Gilbert 160
Pascal Girard 183, 184
Émilie Gleason 132
Sara Goetter 213
Sophie Goldstein 219
Zac Gorman 212
Lunarbaboon 243
Graphic History Collective 113
John Green 103
Greentea Publishing 251
Grimalkin Press 133
Groundwood Books & House of Anansi 140
Ted Gulat Wowee Zonk
Gurihiru Signing
Simon Hanselmann 157, 158
Rumi Hara 268
Dustin Harbin 156
Alisa Harris 226
Eleri Mai Harris 257
Hawkins 114
Becky Hawkins 224
Hunter Heckroth 243
David Hellman and Tevis Thompson 131
Michel Hellman 183, 184
Patrick Hénaff 175
Ian Herring 275, 276
Jen Hickman 258
Hidden Fortress Press 161
Becca Hillburn 104
Kim Hoang / Love Love Hill 228
Matthew K Hoddy 260
Kate Hogg 109
Douglas Holgate 245
Jenni Holm Signing (Saturday only
Matt Holm Signing (Saturday only
A Softer World 286-291
Savannah Houston-McIntyre 181
Leslie Hung 285
Tyler J. Hutchison 282
Kathryn Immonen 219
Stuart Immonen 219
Issue Press Wowee Zonk
Gisele J 179
Jesse Jacobs Wowee Zonk
Kathleen Jacques 224
Jeph Jacques 286-291
Hellen Jo 144
Cathy G. Johnson 235
Steven M. Johnson 273
Keith Jones Wowee Zonk
Jessi Jordan 262
Peter Kalyniuk Wowee Zonk
Aya Kanno Signing
Dave Kelly / So What? Press 122
Laura Ķeniņš Wowee Zonk
Karl Kerschl 203
Jason Kieffer 138
Kill Shakespeare Entertainment CvG
Killoffer 157, 158
Eric Kim Signing
Zuzu Knew Wowee Zonk
Irma Kniivila 275, 276
Lucy Knisley 166
Aidan Koch Wowee Zonk
Yiri T. Kohl 169, 170
Nicholas Kole 212
Eric Kostiuk Williams Wowee Zonk
Yuuko Koyama 230
Koyama Press 150, 151, 152
Chris Kuzma Wowee Zonk
Patrick Kyle Wowee Zonk
Kate Lacour 179
Amanda Lafrenais 270
Lee Lai 114
Braden Lamb 280
Meghan Lands 226
Gautier Langevin 145, 146
Justin Lanjil 228
Ginette Lapalme Wowee Zonk
Blaise Larmee 132
Maaria Laurinen 207
Megan Lavey-Heaton 240
Kate Lavut 175
Jeremy Lawson 258
Jade F Lee 144
Kristen Lee 265
Laura Lee 265
Kate Leth 286-291
Christy Lijewski 292
Elisha Lim 138
Ricky Lima 210
Joe List 281
Little Island Comics 100, 101
Locust Moon Press 116
Jason Loo 206
Celine Loup 233
Matt Lubchansky 238
Ed Luce 160
Deb Lucke 106
Eunice Luk Wowee Zonk
Jason Lutes 134, 135, 136
Steve MacIsaac 222
Josie MacLachlan 109
Andrew MacLean 210
Sam Maggs 167, 168
Mike Maihack 107
Caitlin Major 260
Maple Key Comics 215
Murilo Martins 274
John Martz Signing
maruti-bitamin 266
Lorenzo Mattotti 162, 163, 164
Phil McAndrew 282
Scott McCloud Signing
Dakota McFadzean 153, 154
David McGuire 279
Brian McLachlan 102
Kagan McLeod 200
Isabelle Melançon 240
Kelly Mellings 140
Sab Meynert Wowee Zonk
Elyse Moir 238
Brie Moreno Wowee Zonk
Simon Moreton 124
Jason Murphy Wowee Zonk
muura 207
Maki Naro 242
Pranas T. Naujokaitis 182
Alicia Nauta Wowee Zonk
NBM Graphic Novels 169, 170
vicki nerino 125
Mathew New 211
Hope Nicholson 218
Ken Niimura Signing
Anders Nilsen 134, 135, 136
Nobrow Press 118, 119
Northwest Press 120
Nosebleed Comics Wowee Zonk
Natalie Nourigat 267
George O’Connor 111
Katie O’Neill 225
Eric Orchard 247, 248
Molly Ostertag 283
Owlkids 102
Sydney Padua 167, 168
Dino Pai 264
Becky Palmer 109
Paper Rocket / The Tiny Report 217
Papercutz 106
Guno Park 140
Shelli Paroline 280
advice comics 114
La Pasèque 173, 174
Ben Passmore 262
Maritsa Patrinos 243
Marc Pearson 114
Tyson Pease 208
Random House 167, 168
Kelly Phillips 249
Laurence Philomene Wowee Zonk
Pigeon Press 157, 158
Ed Piskor 204
Pixie Trix Comix 271, 272
PM Press 113
John Porcellino Wowee Zonk
Nick Francis Potter 214
Pow Pow Press 183, 184
Press Gang 130
mille putois 181
Emma Raby 109
Ray Ray Books 124
Nadine Redlich 121
Renegade Arts Entertainment 253
Retrofit Comics 147
Modest Medusa 105
Katie Ridley Murphy Wowee Zonk
Ethan Rilly Wowee Zonk
Ronnie Ritchie 223
Kat Roberts 123
Robot Hugs 242
Dave Roman 103
James Romberger 161
Jon Rosenberg 286-291
Isabella Rotman 178
Rotopolpress 121
Tristan Roulot 175
Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau 183, 184
Louisa Roy 214
RQ 233
Jim Rugg 204
Marian Runk 138
Brittney Sabo 225
Sawdust Press 234
Gregg Schigiel 107
Frederick Schroeder 286-291
Andreas Schuster 121
Secret Acres 155
Daryl Seitchik Wowee Zonk
SelfMadeHero 142, 143
Seneca College 148, 149
Seth 134, 135, 136
E Howey / Sever Press Wowee Zonk
Allison Shabet 267
Jason Shiga 105
Shouri 271, 272
Ramon Sierra 269
Kara Sievewright 213
R. Sikoryak 218
Silver Sprocket 217
Josh Simmons 162, 163, 164
Sloane 281
Neil Slorance 265
Katie So 261
So Buttons Comics 131
Sarah Sobole 239
Soda Pop Comics 216
Dan Holst Soelberg 241
Kean Soo 104
Zack Soto 130
Space Face Books Wowee Zonk
Starchild Stela Wowee Zonk
Conor Stechschulte Wowee Zonk
Noelle Stevenson 205
Cameron Stewart 202
Barbara Stok 142, 143
Studio Lounak 145, 146
Study Group Comics 130
Ania Stypulkowski 109
sucker press 177
Swimmers Group Wowee Zonk
Gengoroh Tagame 159
Jillian Tamaki 134, 135, 136
Babs Tarr 202
Telegraph Art & Comics 112
The Comics Bakery 103
Raina Telgemeier 103
The RAID Studio 275, 276
Jason Thompson CvG
Josh Tierney 110
Tin Can Forest 171
Tinto Press LLC 251
Tiny Blue Dragon Studio 209
Becca Tobin 215
Adrian Tomine 134, 135, 136
Jen Tong 256
Top Shelf Productions 247, 248
Topatoco 286-291
Toronto Comics Anthology 209
J. Torres 117
Stefan Tosheff 261
Tulintu: Comic Art in Glass Page & Panel
Meghan Turbitt 234
Uncivilized Books 133
Ben Urkowitz Wowee Zonk
Susan van Beek Wowee Zonk
Marguerite Van Cook 161
Noah Van Sciver 162, 163, 164
Zach Hazard Vaupen Wowee Zonk
Eric Vedder 275, 276
Veronica Vera & Oliver Bareham 241
Charmaine Verhagen 125
Kat Verhoeven 220
Frank Viva 167, 168
Julian Voloj 169, 170
Wai / Love Love Hill 228
George A. Walker 180
Dawson Walker 237
Nathan Ward 208
Adam Warren 229
Georgia Webber 128
Drew Weing 165
Andrew Whyte 232
Jacob Wiebe 270
Sophia Wiedeman 234
Elaine M. Will 263
Kriota Willberg 218
Dailen Williams Wowee Zonk
Mike Winters 231
Pam Wishbow 252
Leah Wishnia Wowee Zonk
Jenn Woodall 177
Phil Woolam Wowee Zonk
Alex Woolfson 222
Zach Worton 153, 154
Julie Wright 292
Kelsey Wroten 252
Wyeth Yates 254
Kendra Yee Wowee Zonk
Youth in Decline 137
Jessi Zabarsky 235
Chip Zdarsky 200
Jim Zub 229
Zviane 183, 184

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TCAF 2015 Programming Online & In Guidebook!

We’ve done it! We’ve announced the full slate of panels, programs, and workshops for TCAF 2015! You can see everything at

Some highlights:

  • Two full days of live drawing in the Kids Area!
  • D+Q 25th Anniversary Programming in the Hinton Learning Theatre!
  • 3 intensive workshops in the TRL’s Writer’s Room!
  • And 3 streams of programming at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel with some of our biggest guests!

Now, we highly recommend that folks download the TCAF 2015 Guidebook, available here: It’s a free app for your smartphone or tablet. It’s also a really convenient way to organize your TCAF weekend, keeping track of panels you want to attend, or exhibitors and guests you want to visit. PLUS, then you don’t get your fingers covered in newsprint.

Stay tuned for Signing Schedules and Table Numbers as they become available.



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Featured Guests GURIHIRU are debuting a brand new sketchbook at TCAF 2015!

On top of designing an AMAZING poster for TCAF 2015, Featured Guests Gurihiru are also debuting a brand new sketchbook! While you may know them from their work on Avatar: The Last Airbender and for Marvel Comics, this sketchbook showcases images from the other side of their beautiful and varied career.

The Gurihiru Sketchbook will be available at Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop, as well as at Gurihiru’s various appearances throughout the festival. It is 24 pages, black and white, and will retail for $5. Get it while it’s hot!



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