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Marguerite Abouet 160

Marguerite Abouet

Marguerite Abouet was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 1971. At the age of 12, her parents sent her to live with her uncle in Paris in order to pursue her education.She worked as a legal assistant in Paris while she wrote her first graphic novel, Aya. Before writing Aya, …read more

Balak 160


Balak (aka Yves Bigerel)—Graduated from the Gobelins school of Animation in 2006, Balak works as a storyboard artists, 2D animator and TV show director in France. He works with Marvel Comics on the new digital Infinite Comics brand, under his real name (Yves BIGEREL), as a storyboard artist (Avengers VS X-men with Mark Waid, Guardians of …read more

Boulet 160


Boulet is a French comic book creator and cartoonist born February 1, 1975 in Meaux, France. He was among the first French cartoonists to become famous by publishing a webcomic, starting in July 2004. Boulet studied art at the Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In 2001, he published his …read more

Adrian Alphona 160

Adrian Alphona

Adrian Alphona is a Canadian comic book artist best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ Runaways, which he co-created with writer Brian K. Vaughan. Slated to be pencilling the second volume of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane when writer Terry Moore took over writing duties from Sean McKeever, Alphona instead …read more

Beaton 160

Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist who appeared in the comics scene in 2007 with her online work Hark! A Vagrant! Since then, she has become a fan favourite and has garnered a significant following, with illustrations appearing in places like the New Yorker, Harper’s, and Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology. Her …read more

Chester Brown 160

Chester Brown

Chester Brown was born in Montreal in 1960 and is best known for his two recent nonfiction graphic novels: the meticulously researched and Harvey Award­-winning Louis Riel and the controversial, critically acclaimed Paying for It. Brown began self-­publishing his comic book series Yummy Fur at 23, and has been publishing with D+Q since …read more

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Pow Pow Press

Éditions Pow Pow is a Montreal-based, French language publisher. It was created in 2010 by comics artist Luc Bossé. By 2014, Pow Pow had published over twenty graphic novels by a growing number of authors. Pow Pow Press was created as a way to translate some of these books in …read more

northwest 160

Northwest Press

Since 2010, Northwest Press has been publishing a full line of graphic novels, collections, and comics that feature an assortment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters.

Chromatic 160

Chromatic Press Inc.

Chromatic Press is an independent publisher of original comics, light novels, and audio dramas in English for women and men across the globe. Chromatic titles are serialized in the online, multimedia magazine Sparkler Monthly and then collected into ebooks, audiobooks, and print versions.

NYRC 160

New York Review Comics

New York Review Comics is a new series of books published by New York Review Books. In the tradition of NYRB Classics, NYRC will present new editions and new translations of some overlooked comics gems—unique, powerful, and surprising books that will appeal both to longtime comics fans and to the …read more

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